Things have been super hot here at The Craft Shack, and not just the weather although it has been up in the 40’s 😓🌞🔥
Much preparation for the Medieval Market in 2 weeks. Also some great new fragrances have arrived which are currently being tested as I type 😀
There is Palo Santo, Let Them Eat Cake (inspired by Margot Elena’s “Tokyo Milk”), Opium, Black Vanilla and Princess Jasmine to name just a few. These new scents will have their debut at the Medieval Market. They will be available as Melts and/or Crystal Candles.
New Christmas Scents are being looked at to add to the old favourites. Preparation will commence in 2-3 weeks. 😮
Glasses are currently being painted in preparation for the Christmas candles.

In the meantime, take a look at the stock currently available at Amigos Indoor Market and Los Llanos Market on Saturdays. There is a selection of Ecowax and Soy products, Burners, Gift ideas and Rustic Gin and Wine Bars, Tapas Trays, Charcuterie and Cheese Boards. 🍷🧀

For other items, check out the website. It is steadily being filled with all the great products The Craft Shack offers, most of which are handmade items. I have not yet turned on the payment options yet as there are still many items to upload but if you are interested in any items, please contact me. I have multiple collection points throughout Northern Almeria and Granada provinces. 🚛

Keep checking in Shackers to see what’s new and available. 👀👀

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