This Sunday from 18.00 until late, the traditional Medieval Market of Orce, Granada, is taking place. It was the first to be held at the regional level, later the neighboring Huéscar and Galera would follow the initiative. It is currently the largest and most visited in the region.

The Craft Shack will have one of the many stalls at the Medieval Market with handpoured crystal candles and wax melts, incense and burners, and many beautiful handcrafted items such as jewellery, rustic wooden goods and handpainted glassware and pots. New fragrances will be available at the Medieval Market before being available on the website.

Palo Santo, Princess Jasmine and Volcano Capri Blue are just three out of the 11 new fragrances which will be at the market.

Medieval-style entertainment groups, with their performances, dances and acrobatics, will make your visit to the Orce Medieval Market more enjoyable, if possible.

See you there……

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