I have recently had customers asking me about the Ecowax used in the Wax Melts at The Craft Shack. They can’t believe how long the scent lasts and how easy it is to change from one scent to another. Unlike Soy wax, Ecowax pops cleanly out of the burner without the need to light a tea light to soften, or scrape the soft wax out of the burner.

Having been making wax melts as a hobby from 2017, I was adamant that paraffin wax was a no no right from the start as it is derived from crude oil so is not an Eco friendly product. America is still the biggest users of Paraffin Wax in their products even though they are amongst one of the biggest producers of soybeans. 🤷‍♀️

Soy wax is not the most sustainable wax and there are currently concerns surrounding the soybean industry, in particular its use of pesticides and fertilisers and the resulting deforestation. Soy Wax can also have frosting problems and leave a residue when removing from moulds or burners. However, it is more eco-friendly and sustainable than Paraffin Wax.
Organic Soy wax is still used in the crystal candles at The Craft Shack due to its great ability to adhere to the container. It is teamed with a cotton wick.

When moving to Spain 4 years ago, a hunt was on to find a more sustainable and eco-friendly product for the wax melts.
Hence, the Ecowax using coconut wax was found. It is for the following reasons why this wax was chosen to replace Soy wax for the wax melts:
* Coconut Wax is a renewable, high yield crop. This makes it a great sustainable product.
* Coconut Wax burns cleaner and longer than any of the other waxes.
* Coconut Wax has a much better scent throw. Fragrance oils and essential oils blend perfectly with this wax.
* Coconut Wax is a Non-GMO product.

And it goes without saying, the Ecowax is vegan friendly as are the fragrance oils used, along with being paraben and phthalate free. None of the artesan wax melt products at The Craft Shack are tested on animals.
As many of The Craft Shack followers will be aware of by now, it is the designer inspired fragrances which are the consistent favourites of Shack customers. However, there are other equally stunning fragrances available, again using Ecowax. Whether you like earthy fragrances, citrusy scents, florals or spicy, there is something to make your olfactory senses happy 😜

A selection of wax melt products are currently available to purchase @Amigos indoor Market and from Huescar, Granada.
As from July, there will also be stock available at Scirocco Leisure, Los Llanos Market, Arboleas on Saturdays.

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